Our Twist at Home kits include: Supplies (two kits to choose from!), Video instructions with a Painting with a Twist artist and step by step downloadable instructions!



I'm so thankful for Twist at Home, myself and my kiddos were starting to go a little stir crazy six days into self isolation and had started rearranging furniture. But then I saw Painting with a Twist was offering at home kits and knew this was exactly what we needed to keep our creative juices flowing and to boost our spirits. It was such a special treat to see the girls get so excited over the Mommy & Me option I chose!


I saw that Twist at Home had become available because of the current situation and I started sending the links to my friends immediately. I purchased two, and am completing one on my own, and another with a group of friends via FaceTime to continue practicing social distancing, but still getting to have a girls night! We are so excited for this option and giving us a girls night even if it isn't face to face.


Twist at Home has been a beautiful distraction to all the chaos. This has really given me something to look forward to and helped de-stress me a bit. Thank you so much for bringing the fun to my home!